Funny fitness story of the day

Here I sit at my makeshift desk which is actually our table and i am looking out the windows of our house at the snow melting in the backyard.  The sky is cloudy and gray but at least you can see the shimmer of the sun behind the clouds.  I am longing to look out my windows and see the budding trees and plants that come with spring and then such a sight catches my eye.  Our neighbor who for the most part keeps to himself steps out on his deck to have a cigarette.  I watch him light up his cigarette and begin taking slow drags as he also takes in the crisp late winter air.  He is pacing back and forth on the deck as if pondering some thought or task.  I am intrigued now and can’t seem to take my eyes off the situation, kind of like a bad movie that you just can’t stop watching, you don’t know why but you just simply can’t stop.  Then suddenly he places the butt between his lips and begins to peel off his coat.  Now mind you in some cases this could be nice to look at even though I am happily married, however when you are toting the proverbial Wisconsin beer belly one would most likely be tempted to look away at this point.  My curiosity continues to get the best of me and I have to continue to watch this scene unfold.  Mr. stout begins to walk across the deck and proceeds to pick up a snow shovel like it is a barbel and takes a stab at a pile of snow on the corner of the deck that is about 5 feet in height.  He takes one shovel of snow and pushes it off the top of the pile and then places the shovel in front of him like he has done a hard day’s work and takes several drags off his cigarette.  i can’t help myself and I find myself snickering a bit.  I watch as he pushes up his sleeves and wipes his brow and this is after one shovel of snow!!  Then he begins again and takes several more shovels full of snow and drops it off the back of the deck and pauses while placing the shovel against the remaining pile of snow.  After a few steps back to survey his progress he tosses the cigarette into the snow and pulls another one out and places it to his lips and lights the cigarette up.  I am sitting here stunned just watching this go on.  First of all because I am a nurse and worried that this man is going to fall over from a heart attack and I can’t even run to his aid since I am nursing a knee injury but also at the fact that he feels he can’t shovel without a lit cigarette in his mouth.  The task continues for about another 10 minutes and he sets the shovel against the railing and proceeds to cough and looks like he is gasping for air.  I am watching thinking I may have to call 911 but gradually he makes his way to the door, puts out his cigarette and walks into the house.

I am not sure why I was so compelled to watch this event but i guess some people out there have a different idea of what an effective workout is compared to me.  My usual routine includes my headphones and my favorite running shoes but clearly for others it includes a pack of cigarettes and a snow shovel!!

I wish you all a healthy and happy day!!


One thought on “Funny fitness story of the day

  1. That’s a really cute story, even though the man probably isn’t that. I have seen a similar situation, of my elderly neighbor who enjoys to crawl out in her back yard on her hands and knees after her son has been over with his lawnmower… And proceeds to pull out scissors and snip at the blades of grass that have so stubbornly stayed uneven compared to the majority of the lawn. 🙂

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