Is it really a workout??

This morning as I was doing my daily workout I had a revelation which really made me start to think so I decided to bring it here and put it out to all of you for your thoughts.

As you know if you read my post from yesterday I have recently become a Beachbody Coach and of course if you don’t know this already, when you become a coach you need to be doing one of the workouts.  Now mind you when I was signing up and so excited about the opportunity that was opening up to me, I looked through all the various workouts and tried to decide which one I wanted to try first.  Under normal circumstances I would have gone all out and started with the workout I found to be most challenging to me like P90X, however at the present time I have a physical limitation in that I have a torn meniscus that I am about to have surgery on and so I took something that was a bit easier on my body and I opted for Hip Hop Abs.

Well during my first experience with Shaun T, who of course is quite easy on the eyes (yes you know he is and you know it makes your workout all that much more enjoyable) I found that I had to sit on a chair.  I could do all of the upper body moves and keep up with the abdominal work but my legs had to refrain from the workout for now.  When I completed my first workout I was dripping sweat and my abs ached and I actually felt very proud of myself even though I did the workout seated.  Now maybe some of you would not consider this a proper workout or a true workout but for me it gave me opportunity to get my body moving.  So rather than be a couch potato I guess I became a chair dancer?  You see prior to this injury I was training for triathlons but haven’t been able to workout since I injured my knee.  I was thrilled to be doing some sort of workout again!!

Okay, okay now I am sure there are those of you who think this is ridiculous but you have to say to yourself that at least I am making an effort…right??  Well I have continued with my chair dancing workouts to the very hot Shaun T.  My surgery will be Monday and once I have recuperated the sky is the limit baby!!  Eventually I will be taking on the P90X challenge and I will smoke it!!Thanks for coming back to visit me…wishing you happy healthy thoughts!!


One thought on “Is it really a workout??

  1. Personally I believe that as long as you are getting your heart rate up and doing the best you can, limitations or not, then you are doing the best workout for you!

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