Finding Myself


Do you ever look at these types of photos and wonder if they are real??  You compare as many details as you can to figure out if it is the same person or if it is airbrushed in some way.  Well I am here to assure you that these photos are real and they are accurate!!  I still can’t believe the progress that I have made in one year’s time!  In one year I lost 80 pounds…yes 80 pounds!

When I look at my photos I find myself doing a double take because I just didn’t think I looked like that at the time.  At that time I did not own a full length mirror and when I looked in my mirror I only saw myself from the shoulders up.  I really did believe in my mind that I was thinner than I was and I had convinced myself that I was the victim of a slow metabolism.  I struggled with my weight all of my life but in the last 4-5 years I really let it get out of hand and the easiest thing to do was blame it on my metabolism because of course that made the problem out of my control.  It became easy to blame my weight on the fact that my metabolism wouldn’t allow me to lose weight.  And I believed this with all my heart!!  Now as I look in the mirror I find myself doing a double take because I can’t believe that I have managed to lose this much weight so far.  When I pass windows and mirrors that I wasn’t expecting to carry my reflection I have to look hard because at times I still can’t believe it is me in that reflection!!

Your first question might be how did I do this?  My first answer to you would be that I had to be ready!  Yes I had to figure out in my mind that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  When I was left with a knee injury after a slip at work and things were not improving I started to investigate what things might help me.  So in early October of 2013 I purchased my first juicer and started juicing all kinds of fruit.  The juices were out of this world and so delicious but my weight wasn’t going down.  I thought about it and figured that something had to be wrong with this equation.  I began searching the internet for information on juicing to see what I might learn.  Suddenly I came across and infomercial by a gentlemen by the name of Drew Canole.  He spoke all about how to juice vegetables and how you could reset your body with his plan.  I was instantly hooked and I was eager to push the button and order the program!  Well within the first few weeks  I completed an Alpha Reset and had actually dropped 9 pounds!!  I was amazed and started collecting every recipe and bit of knowledge I could find.

Time passed and I began to drop weight but still struggled with staying on track.  In January of 2014 I got some news that there would be an opportunity for me to start in a small group coaching program.  I was thrilled and just knew that this would be the push that I needed.  I began this program in February and by the end of the month I had dropped 20 pounds!  I was happy but still skeptical about keeping the weight off.  As time passed I continued to drop my weight and stick to the program.  By May I had lost more weight than I had ever lost before on any diet program!!   My energy was increased and best part of all is that I was sleeping soundly through the night!!  I began working with others going through the program and encouraging them through their transformation journeys.  I found this all to be so inspiring!

Over the summer I reached a huge milestone and was able to get my weight under 200 pounds which I had not done in 20 years!!  I actually cried when I stepped on the scale and was below 200 pounds…I felt fabulous!!  My first time out shopping after this incident had me trying on new sizes but still in disbelief that smaller sizes would fit me.  When I pulled on my first pair of jeans I purposely did not look at the size on the tag and went for the best fitting jeans.  When I found that pair I then looked at the size to find that I fit into a size 12!!  I couldn’t ever remember fitting into this size jean!!!  The next morning I called my coach and cried tears of joy to her!!  I still struggle with connecting my actual size with my body reflection however I spend time each day looking in the mirror to give my brain time  to adjust.

I still continue to practice this lifestyle daily.  I have eliminated dairy, sugar, gluten and soy from my diet and enjoy plenty fruits, vegetables, lean meat and healthy fats.  I am not on a diet rather I have made the choice to change my lifestyle and my life is so much more fulfilling now!!!


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