3 Tools To Get Over Self Sabotage – MINDSET MONDAY

I was given the opportunity to share some of my transformation story with Drew Canole! As the founder of FitLife.tv on a mission to transform lives, Drew and his team are impacting people daily! I am proud to be a part of this movement!!

3 Tools To Get Over Self Sabotage – MINDSET MONDAY.


Is it really a workout??

This morning as I was doing my daily workout I had a revelation which really made me start to think so I decided to bring it here and put it out to all of you for your thoughts.

As you know if you read my post from yesterday I have recently become a Beachbody Coach and of course if you don’t know this already, when you become a coach you need to be doing one of the workouts.  Now mind you when I was signing up and so excited about the opportunity that was opening up to me, I looked through all the various workouts and tried to decide which one I wanted to try first.  Under normal circumstances I would have gone all out and started with the workout I found to be most challenging to me like P90X, however at the present time I have a physical limitation in that I have a torn meniscus that I am about to have surgery on and so I took something that was a bit easier on my body and I opted for Hip Hop Abs.

Well during my first experience with Shaun T, who of course is quite easy on the eyes (yes you know he is and you know it makes your workout all that much more enjoyable) I found that I had to sit on a chair.  I could do all of the upper body moves and keep up with the abdominal work but my legs had to refrain from the workout for now.  When I completed my first workout I was dripping sweat and my abs ached and I actually felt very proud of myself even though I did the workout seated.  Now maybe some of you would not consider this a proper workout or a true workout but for me it gave me opportunity to get my body moving.  So rather than be a couch potato I guess I became a chair dancer?  You see prior to this injury I was training for triathlons but haven’t been able to workout since I injured my knee.  I was thrilled to be doing some sort of workout again!!

Okay, okay now I am sure there are those of you who think this is ridiculous but you have to say to yourself that at least I am making an effort…right??  Well I have continued with my chair dancing workouts to the very hot Shaun T.  My surgery will be Monday and once I have recuperated the sky is the limit baby!!  Eventually I will be taking on the P90X challenge and I will smoke it!!Thanks for coming back to visit me…wishing you happy healthy thoughts!!

It’s a brand new day!!


Yes here I am…this is me!!  Today I start on the journey of a lifetime….yes lifetime!!  I know you are saying oh my gosh she is like forty-something and she is beginning on the journey of a lifetime???  Yes I am!!

All my life I feel like I have been playing catch up and feeling like if I just do it faster, better, more efficient that I will impress the right person and I will get my break.  Well I finally realized that it is not about doing faster or better and I do not have to impress anyone…anyone that is except me!!

Let me add a bit of history here so that you can understand why I am saying this.  All my life I have been the shy one, the one who stood back, never wanted the spotlight.  I certainly was always picked last in gym class and nothing has ever come easy to me.  Now not that I haven’t accomplished things in my life, I certainly have!!  I have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and I have raised a beautiful, smart, talented young lady who is my daughter and will be going off to college this fall.  But none of these things came easy to me, nothing was ever handed to me and I have worked my butt off for everything I have.  I have an ability to figure things out, I can read books and learn how to do things like rewiring the house or changing out the rotten pipes under the sink…yes I have actually done these things.  But the one thing I can’t figure out and the one thing I struggle with today and every day is my weight.  There I said it.  I am overweight.  I have been overweight all my life.  As a child i was referred to by my mother as being “chubby” and she blamed it on the fact that I had allergies.  When I was a teenager I was active, I loved to swim and I was a lifeguard and a swim instructor but I was still overweight and I was told I was “big boned”.  When I was in my twenties and in nursing school after my first divorce I still struggle with my weight and then I was “stressed”.  Well I am here to report that I am now in my forties and in the last 5 years I have worked out on my own and with a trainer, I have taught Jazzercise, I have trained for and run a half marathon, Warrior Dash, Dirty Girl and the Danskin Triathlon…and inspite of all of this, I am still overweight.

So I ask you what is it that keeps me overweight or as the doctor refers to it…obese.  That is what I am here to find out.  This is why today is a new day because today I am moving forward.  I am putting all the things that bother me, irritate me and just plain piss me off behind me.  This blog is my way of wiping the slate clean, starting fresh and moving forward.  I plan to lay my heart and soul out on the line here to find “me”.

So how do I begin.  Well I owe my new start to a wonderful gal that I met online right after the new year.  Her post came up on a friend’s Facebook page and I liked what she had to say, so I started following her page: I am bringing skinny back.  Let me tell you what has happened since I started following her.  We have become friends and she has inspired me to look for my rainbow in my life.  She encouraged me to become a health coach because I have a background in nursing and in fitness.  So here I am.

I know that I can do this and I know I can get this weight off.  I hope you will follow me and watch me transform.  Please feel free to join me in this if you like.  I will post recipes and challenges along the way and just let me know if you are trying any of them!!

I am a Fitlife Certified Coach and today is a brand new day!!

Funny fitness story of the day

Here I sit at my makeshift desk which is actually our table and i am looking out the windows of our house at the snow melting in the backyard.  The sky is cloudy and gray but at least you can see the shimmer of the sun behind the clouds.  I am longing to look out my windows and see the budding trees and plants that come with spring and then such a sight catches my eye.  Our neighbor who for the most part keeps to himself steps out on his deck to have a cigarette.  I watch him light up his cigarette and begin taking slow drags as he also takes in the crisp late winter air.  He is pacing back and forth on the deck as if pondering some thought or task.  I am intrigued now and can’t seem to take my eyes off the situation, kind of like a bad movie that you just can’t stop watching, you don’t know why but you just simply can’t stop.  Then suddenly he places the butt between his lips and begins to peel off his coat.  Now mind you in some cases this could be nice to look at even though I am happily married, however when you are toting the proverbial Wisconsin beer belly one would most likely be tempted to look away at this point.  My curiosity continues to get the best of me and I have to continue to watch this scene unfold.  Mr. stout begins to walk across the deck and proceeds to pick up a snow shovel like it is a barbel and takes a stab at a pile of snow on the corner of the deck that is about 5 feet in height.  He takes one shovel of snow and pushes it off the top of the pile and then places the shovel in front of him like he has done a hard day’s work and takes several drags off his cigarette.  i can’t help myself and I find myself snickering a bit.  I watch as he pushes up his sleeves and wipes his brow and this is after one shovel of snow!!  Then he begins again and takes several more shovels full of snow and drops it off the back of the deck and pauses while placing the shovel against the remaining pile of snow.  After a few steps back to survey his progress he tosses the cigarette into the snow and pulls another one out and places it to his lips and lights the cigarette up.  I am sitting here stunned just watching this go on.  First of all because I am a nurse and worried that this man is going to fall over from a heart attack and I can’t even run to his aid since I am nursing a knee injury but also at the fact that he feels he can’t shovel without a lit cigarette in his mouth.  The task continues for about another 10 minutes and he sets the shovel against the railing and proceeds to cough and looks like he is gasping for air.  I am watching thinking I may have to call 911 but gradually he makes his way to the door, puts out his cigarette and walks into the house.

I am not sure why I was so compelled to watch this event but i guess some people out there have a different idea of what an effective workout is compared to me.  My usual routine includes my headphones and my favorite running shoes but clearly for others it includes a pack of cigarettes and a snow shovel!!

I wish you all a healthy and happy day!!